Win Khanijoun

Workforce Experience Advisor, Cisco

Win Khanijoun is a Workforce Experience Advisor at Cisco Systems helping to drive digital transformation for leading enterprise businesses. He advises organizations on how to achieve the true potential of technology by partnering with CRE, Facilities, HR, IT and business leaders. By maximizing the value of people and places where they get work done, Win helps create agile teams and an engaging culture to change the way employees work, live, play and learn. Win is passionate about the role of culture, social trends, digitization and their impact on the global business environment. Coming to the United States at an early age, Win embraces the value of freedom that is part of the very fabric in how he approaches his work. He understands the importance of the liberty to work from anywhere and the significant opportunity as a community to create the workplace of the future.

AWC 2016 Speakers

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