Kristi Woolsey

Practice Lead, Creative Environments, MAYA Design

Kristine Woolsey is the Practice Lead for Creative Environments at MAYA, a design and technology innovation consultancy. Kristi is well known as a behavioral strategist specializing in the impact that the physical environment has on human behavior. She joined MAYA design in 2015 in order to team with their in-house experts to build a practice that looks at environment holistically—designing the physical, digital, cultural and service environments that support human experience and business results.

Kristi began as an academic at ASU, SciARCH, USCD, and others but left academia to found Woolsey Studio, which by 2000 was the largest West Coast women-led architecture and design consultancy. She then combined her interest in business, consumer and organizational psychology to move into design and management consulting, eventually joining MAYA in Pittsburgh. She is a highly sought after speaker and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg and others.

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