Jeremy Neuner

Keynote Speaker

Product Area Lead, Real Estate and Workplace Services

Jeremy Neuner builds strong communities. From flying helicopters in the U.S. Navy, to working in local economic development, to founding NextSpace, to working at Google, Jeremy creates great teams and imagines collaborative environments where they can thrive.

Jeremy began his career as an officer and carrier-based helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy. He also worked as a management and strategy consultant in Washington, DC, helping clients create partnerships between the public and private sectors. Jeremy served as the economic development manager for the City of Santa Cruz before co-founding NextSpace Coworking in 2008.

Jeremy is also the co-author of The Rise of the Naked Economy: How to Benefit From the Changing Workplace (Chinese version due out in September 2016!) and is a frequent speaker on the future of work and the workplace. He has spoken at The Aspen Institute (where he is a fellow of the Business and Society Program), UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Discovery, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association, the Global Workspace Association, and the Global Coworking Unconference Conference.

Jeremy holds degrees from Georgetown and Harvard, but he’s learned the most by playing LEGO’s with his kids. Fun facts: Jeremy can juggle flaming torches, has climbed Mt. Fuji twice, and considers himself an expert rock-paper-scissors player. #1 item on his bucket list: riding his bicycle across the country (someday!).

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