Chris Lees, Zurich

Do people take advantage of the range of work settings provided when they have the ability to choose? Does human nature and habitual behaviour drive people to behave traditionally even in the best agile workplaces? How can we measure this behaviour? The answers to these questions are loaded with actionable data, and Zurich has been conducting a series of applied research projects to find out those answers.

In this session, Chris Lees of Zurich will share more about the strategy, implementation and process behind this research, conducted at two Zurich UK offices. You will find out how measurement technologies, along with analytical techniques can been applied to investigate business questions that go beyond the traditional “what is my utilization?” to consider questions including “how volatile are people's work patterns?” “how do people's hours in the office vary?” and perhaps most interesting of all, “how variable is work space selection?”


AWC 2016 Sessions

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