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AWC 2016 Photos & Highlights

/Opening Dinner
AWC 2016 Opening Dinner
/Day Two
AWC 2016 AgilQuest University
Organizations in both the public and private sectors planning or starting new workplace programs, and those with more established programs.
Learn about innovative workplace strategies, tactics and best practices from a renowned group of workplace experts and practitioners.
Meet other organizations facing the same challenges as you and exchange experiences to find out what is working and what is not.

2016 Keynote Speaker

/Jeremy Neuner

Product Area Lead, Real Estate and Workplace Services

Jeremy Neuner builds strong communities. From flying helicopters in the U.S. Navy, to working in local economic development, to founding NextSpace, to working at Google, Jeremy creates great teams and imagines collaborative environments where they can thrive. Jeremy is the co-author of The Rise of the Naked Economy: How to Benefit From the Changing Workplace and is a frequent speaker on the future of work and the workplace.

Ryan Clarke, SiteREADY
Peter Barnett, PWC
Rick Mullins, PWC

Technology integration within the workplace is causing a collision between Corporate Real Estate and IT groups. This disruption is occurring faster than it’s being addressed. Innovative solutions will require the use of technology; IT lacks preparation and knowledge required with this type of thinking. This cause of friction will continue to have financial impact and create delays unless Corporate Real Estate takes initiative to take ownership of the workplace technology integration process.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify how to challenge existing routines to reduce project delays and financial impact from technology implementation
  • Understand the importance of gaining knowledge on workplace technology implementation to gain better control of project outcomes

AgilQuest University

A second day for the AgilQuest University

AgilQuest University is a day designed for AgilQuest users and anyone interested in knowing more about the AgilQuest solutions.  Spend this second day exploring broader workplace issues to focus on the technology that supports the workplace as part of the brand new AgilQuest University.

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