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Jeremy Neuner, Workplace Services, Google
awc 2016 keynote video jeremy neuner

One of Google's top workplace minds, Jeremy Neuner, will share his perspective on what “work” means these days, and how the workplace has ceased to exist as a single place you go and has transformed into a thing you do… wherever there is a decent WiFi signal. With our smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers, many of us now work just about everywhere except, well, at work.

In his keynote address, Jeremy, a pioneer in the co-working industry, will explore the implications, for both workers and for companies, of this once-in-a-century shift in how and where we work. He'll talk about how Google is re-thinking its famous workspaces, making them more flexible and collaborative. Finally, Jeremy will shed light on how this shift in the workplace has the potential to make workers more engaged in their companies and in their communities. And if we get this once-in-a-century shift right, we might just be able to reclaim a bit of sanity and our humanity.

This energetic keynote will cover:

  • Encroachment of work into all aspects of personal lives
  • Implications of the work-anywhere shift
  • Resulting increased engagement at work and within communities
  • Self-balancing of the personal and work within this anywhere, anytime WiFi-connected world

See a preview of Jeremy's Keynote in this short video!

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