Current AgilQuest customers will find day 2 of the conference is focused on their needs with the product training, product information and future roadmap.

These sessions and workshops incorporate best practices, how-to’s, deep-dives and examples of how other organizations have increased value of their OnBoard or Commander BI systems. The sessions have been split into three tracks to provide value to everyone involved in building strategy, implementing, managing and supporting workplace technology like AgilQuest’s.

The three tracks from which to choose are:

  • Business Relationship Owner or Point Of Contact – the individuals who are responsible for the use of AgilQuest technology within their organization or who are the liaison between their organization and AgilQuest. This track will focus on managing the application of workplace technology to reach organizational goals.
  • Concierges and Admins – the individuals who manage reservations and space for others or en masse, those people who manage events and catering, and those who support the functional use of AgilQuest technologies within the organization.
  • IT – the individuals who are responsible for technically providing access to and support for AgilQuest technologies within the organization.
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